Sweet Stamp Flawless Finish PLates Scallop

€ 14,99

Create a flawless finish on your cakes in minutes.

Use our food approved Flawless Finish Buttercream & Ganache Plates to achieve a flat top and sharp edges to your cakes.


  • Use these extra thick and sturdy plates to guide your frosting in the perfect thickness around your cake.
  • Designed 0.3" bigger than the matching tin size to allow space for your frosting (e.g. use 6" plates with 6" sponge).
  • Place a plate on the bottom and top of your cake, apply frosting and use plates as a guide.

You can also use with buttercream, ganache and other frostings. 

Wash in warm soapy water before and after use, not dishwasher or hot water safe, as it will potentially warp the product.

Available in a set of 2. 

Scallop sizes - 6" or 8".

Plates - 5mm thick